Gary Robertson

Flight Paramedic, MedForce

Photo of Gary Robertson

First responders define the very definition of heroism by putting their lives on the line, each and every day. Local hero and first responder, Gary Robertson, has been protecting his local community and saving lives since 1985, when he first became a Medic in the Army.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people. Throughout my time serving as a Medic in the Army and now as Battalion Chief of the East Moline Fire Department and a MedForce Flight Paramedic, it’s always been about helping people.”

Gary says it takes a special kind of person and a unique set of abilities to serve as a first responder, but the hard work and dedication you put into the job proves, time and time again, incredibly rewarding.

“You never know what to expect when you put on your uniform and head in to work for the day. But, that’s the part of my job I enjoy the most - it’s never routine. I love the people I work with and I full-heartedly love what I do.”

For 25 years, Gary has served as Battalion Chief of the Moline Police Department and for 18 of those years, he has also served as a Flight Paramedic with MedForce. He says it’s hard to put into words how much he has grown both personally and professionally throughout his time serving as a first responder.

“You learn to appreciate life and see that things can change quickly. Your life can be severely altered in a matter of moments, so I’ve learned to cherish each day.”

Thank you, Gary, for working hard every day to reach new heights, set new standards and redefine what it means to provide exceptional care!